1、Client NOONTEC NAS for Windows/MAC


Software name :Terra Master NAS_V1.4
Publish date:2012-6-12 File size:20M/52KB Platform/equipment:Windows/MAC
Download address:Windows platform:Terra Master NAS_V1.4 for Windows.zip, Mac platform:Terra Master NAS_V1.4 for Mac.zip
Updating instructions: V1.4 updating content: 1.add F4_NAS supporting; 2.delete shortcut button; 3.add loading.gif as surfing; 4.change the font from the pop-up dialog box.

2、N5 Upgrade Software and Guide


Software name:N5 Upgrade Software NAS-1Bay-N5_J1.05A_Ver2.35_USB2.0
Publish date:2013-03-16 File size:715KB platform/equipment:N5
Download address:Upgrade Software::NAS-1Bay-N5_J1.05A_Ver2.35_USB2.0.bin, Software Upgrade Guide::N5 Software Upgrade Guide
Updating instructions: NAS-1Bay-N5_J1.05A_Ver2.35_USB2.0 updating content: 1, modify the web language and switch the browser incompatibilities (mainly for Firefox, Chrome, Safari); 2, modify DDNS access to load jquery library file error 3, modify the default settings and inform the host name 4, update the DDNS page and inform the color of some links (links in blue uniform) 5, optimize UPNP and open port function; 6, for the tool test problems. on NASPT in win7  7, changes in the IE Css pseudo-class (: not) do not support the Bug.

3、GIGA LINK N5 User Manual download

Download:GIGA LINK N5 USER MANUAL V1.1.zip

Download:GIGA LINK N5 USER MANUAL V1.0.zip

Download:N5-NAS Product Features and Applications.pdf

4、GIGA LINK N5 Quick Installation Guide download


5、How to use the personal cloud WebDAV of N5

Through NOONTECH NAS software, you can search all the N5 products quickly in the same network segment in the LAN.If appears network can't be connected, directly connect PC for confirmation, the default IP address of the product is


1.Mobile Sharing: click showed mobile sharing IP address or click “Enter” to enter mobile sharing folder for data upload and download operations.

2.For mobile phone, table PC ( including ipad, iphone), user can enter the IP address of mobile sharing in the browser for file management, meanwhile, user can also download free Webdav program in the application software market of APP Store or mobile phone.Factory default username is guest, password is empty. Take ipad for example, please set as the following picture.

Attention:because of ADSL transmission and other reasons may lead to data transmission unstably, we suggest to use this function in the LAN.

A.Enter app store, select to search“Webdav”

B.Select the application program in the red box of below picture, select “Free” (Attention: If ipad has already installed this program, it will display “Update”), and then click “Installation” to install.

C.After installation succeed, there will be one more menu in the main interface, see the red box in the following picture.

D.Click to enter and select the “+” sign in the right top red box of the following picture to add shortcut linkage.

E.Enter Server Settings interface, according to the product N5 information to fill in Webdav needed entering content.

See NOONTEC NAS software interface for N5 information obtain method,in the red box behind mobile sharing is IP address, as above picture:

Name:You could set it according to your own preference, such as:alan

Server URL:Enter N5 IP address,as following picture: “http://”is the prefix of network address. Directly enter this address, avoid missing entering. “”is N5 obtained IP address. Please enter N5 obtained IP address here. “:8000/webdav”is port number and label name, enter this is ok, avoid missing entering.

Username:logging in N5 username

Password:logging in N5 password

Attention:the original logging in username of N5 is guest, password is empty. After modifying, client can enter as actual modification.

F.Press “Done” to enter logging in Webdav interface of N5 after entering finished. “C”、“HDD”in the following picture is the disk name of N5 machine.

G.Enter to select your favorite content to play is ok

H.Function application introduction in the Webdav

Select to“Enter previous menu” Select to“Setup new folder in the current page”
Select to“Refresh current page” Select to“Image album shortcut”
Select to“Open ipad camera” Select to“Shortcut to play the pictures in the current disk”
Select to“Browser favorites”

6、How to get a free domain name

A、In IE browser enter www.dyndns.com or http://dyn.com/dns click Sign In on the right top to enter Register User Interface

B、Register User Interface as following:

C、After submitting register user information, system will automatically send an email to your register email

D、There will be a linkage in the email, double click the linkage address to enter the interface as following picture. After entering password, press “Confirm Account”

E、Click “Free Dynamic DNS”in the page bottom to apply for free domain name( Attention: which is in the file description under main body of the page, and font is blue)

F、System will promote to add a hostname, which is the domain name you applied for, and suffix generally select dyndns-web.com

G、Submit after adding as request, then it will return the information of free domain name applied successfully. So far applying for free domain name finished.

7、DDNS setting up of N5

A、After client applied for the domain name successfully, enter the DDNS settings interface of product N5, fill in the below corresponding items with applied username, password and domain name(which is applied in the website), as following picture

B、After entering finished, click “Application” button, the page will automatically refresh to show the newest settings.

C、Because of network delay, you may have to wait about one hour to use after setting well.

D、After setting succeed, you can use outside network to enter applied domain name to access to N5 at your home. For example: http://n5nas10001.dyndns-web.com.

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